Review: BARTHAUER at the EXPO in Milan

From October 6th to 8th BARTHAUER presented current developments in the software aided management of fresh and waste water at the “3. Festival dell´Acqua“. The Festival dell´Acqua took place in line with the EXPO in Milan. Location was the spectacular Castello Sforzesco.  The Festival counts as one of leading events in the water industry. Presentations about subjects like water infrastructure, water purification and regeneration were well visited as they were all held by renowned lecturers and dealt with up-to date themes.

Claudia Hickman from BARTHAUER held a presentation and a practical workshop about the possibilities of intelligent management in the water industry. The presentation consisted of a live interview with users of the network information system BaSYS, reporting about their experiences. “Using BaSYS means a WIN-WIN situation for all users, why? Because it doesn´t matter if it is the planer, the municipality, the consulter, the authority or the maintenance staff everyone has access to the same data source!!” concluded a satisfied user.

BARTHAUER was also represented by Beatrice Majone and Alessandro Balbo from Majone & Partners,S.r.l., one of our sales partners in Northern Italy , who have excellent contacts in the Italian water industry.