GIS seminar in Zagreb

Croatia - the youngest EU member state is in the middle of a process of implementing European norms and standards. „Application of GIS as a tool for sewer network management and standardized data processing on miscellaneous administration levels“ was the title of a workshop at the Croatian headquarters of Hrvatske Vode. The event was organized by BARTHAUER in cooperation with German Water Partnership (GWP) and the Training and Competence Center Karlovac (TCC) as well as the Croatian water pollution control society (HDZV). Highlight of the event were the lively and demonstrative presentations by BARTHAUER (Jürgen Barthauer, Holger Zinn, Martin Waldl) and members of Hrvatske Vode. They gave a comprehensive overview of design and usage of standardized sewer and pipeline registry. Hrvatske Vode reported on practical experiences with GIS in Croatia. Of high interest was also a presentation covering sewer rehabilitation planning in a fast, efficient and economical way by Jürgen Barthauer, the general manager of BARTHAUER. In the following expert discussions it became apparent that Croatia is more than willing to close the gap regarding implementation of GIS and sewer and pipeline registry.