BARTHAUER Company Bicycle Program: German Company Gets Employees Moving

Riding a bike to work is not only good for your health and the environment: for the employees of Barthauer Software GmbH, it pays off financially as well. Based on the fact that the company car privilege also applies to bicycles since the end of 2012, the German Company provides its employees with a company bicycle through its self-financing company bicycle program. Interest is high. Ten employees have switched over already.

Equal tax treatment of company cars and company bicycles in Germany is enabling entrepreneurs to offer bikes as a means of transportation for employees. Since the lease payment is deducted directly from the gross salary, employees also have the option of leasing the bicycle of their choice at lower cost with a tax benefit. Savings of up to 40% compared to purchasing a new bike are possible. This legal change sends an important signal for the equal recognition of bicycles as an inner city means of transport and clearly supports environmental protection.

Barthauer Software GmbH based in Braunschweig, Germany, supports these concepts and launched its company bicycle program in May of 2015. In doing so, the company offers its employees at all locations in Germany the opportunity to choose a company bicycle at select bike retailers across the country close to their place of work and use it for 36 months under a lease agreement. Managing Director Jürgen Barthauer describes this program as a logical consequence of his company's green approach to protecting the environment and promoting the health of all employees. That is also why BARTHAUER supports the users of company bicycles with an employee subsidy.

Interest among employees has been high since company management discovered the company bicycle concept, especially when it comes to e-bikes. Bicycles with an electric motor easily cost more than 2000 Euros and there are few lower-cost alternatives. Yet the e-bike in particular offers the greatest flexibility for everyday mobility. This allows bicycle enthusiasts to adapt well to any transportation situation while not necessarily having to forego adequate comfort.

Ten employees have already chosen to lease a bicycle through Barthauer Software GmbH, thereby making an active contribution to health, environmental protection and the relief of traffic congestion.

Participants in the company bicycle program are pleased with their high-quality bicycles.