New BaSYS-MIKE URBAN® Interface

Thanks to a new interface, MIKE URBAN® users are now able to combine their familiar modelling tool with the advantages of the technical applications offered by the network information system BaSYS of BARTHAUER software. The new MIKE URBAN® interface consists of the modules BaSYS-MIKE URBAN® Import and BaSYS-MIKE URBAN® Export. It supports the smooth transfer of sewer network data.

With the help of BaSYS-MIKE URBAN® Export, the data for an existing sewer network can be exported directly from the BaSYS database and made available as the basis of a MIKE URBAN® project. The complete BaSYS network topology and graphical rendering will be shown 1:1 in the DHI software. Hydraulic modelling in MIKE URBAN® can then be used. The application automatically creates a project database on filtered BaSYS network data. The BaSYS Shape Export interface is used to transfer the geometry and network topology. For the setup of a waste water or rainwater network, further data capture or the import of additional data is no longer required. Further hydraulic base data can be subsequently imported and automatically assigned via the standard MIKE URBAN® functions.


BaSYS-MIKE URBAN® Import supports the transfer of DHI project databases and the corresponding shape data in one step. The BaSYS-MIKE URBAN® interface supports the configurable combination of the database and graphics information for the selected MIKE URBAN® projects. Verification and logging ensure the error-free and transparent data transfer. Reconciliation with existing BaSYS data is performed during the import. Updating the MIKE URBAN® sewer network files may be used for additional tasks such as operation and maintenance management, inspecting and evaluating the network condition, rehabilitation design and economic comparison in the BaSYS software.

Import and export users obtain the following benefits: they have the flexibility to independently select the best application for every task while working with just one dataset, avoiding redundancy. In doing so, they have quick access to the right tool for future-proof water and waste water networks!