Turkish German Water Partnership Days

The fifth Turkish German Water Partnership days took place from October 6th to 8th in the city of Konya, a town with more than 2 million inhabitants situated between the capitol Ankara and the Mediterranean.  The event consisted of panel discussions, workshops and round tables about the subjects of water supply, waste water, sewage sludge and various operator models. All events were frequented very well, hosting about 200 Turkish expert visitors.

BARTHAUER Software presented its software solutions at a booth attended by Jörg Martin and Malte Martin. They spread information material to interested visitors and showed the Turkish version of BaSYS, which was recently released on the Turkish market. They made numerous contacts to Turkish municipalities and operators.

Jörg Martin held a presentation about software aided pipeline sanitation in fluent Turkish. The event was concluded with a guided tour to the sewage treatment plant in Konya as a thematically fitting social