A mobile phone for the gorilla

The habitat of the last wild mountain gorillas in Virunga National Park is increasingly being threatened by the mining of metals for the production of mobile phones. The recycling of raw materials from used mobile phones is therefore an important step to protect this valuable habitat. For this reason, the Frankfurt Zoological Society Conservation Ambassadors initiated the "A mobile phone for the Gorilla" collection campaign in 2009. BARTHAUER supports the gorilla protection project with an in-house mobile phone collection campaign.

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Also good for citizens!

Bundling resources, improving efficiency and thereby minimising costs - that is what integrated infrastructure management can do. In theory the requirement is simple: manage together instead of separately. A joint basis of information is needed to succeed. This is provided by BARTHAUER's infrastructure information system. It offers all operators a comprehensive tool for the planning, administration, operation and updating of infrastructure objects. Data for the above and below-ground infrastructure are maintained and updated centrally.

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+ + + N E W P R O D U C T + + +

PISA Compact - the intelligent software solution for efficient and comprehensive sewer rehabilitation planning

PISA Compact contains operating steps that were designed for the supplementary and completely independent use of network information systems and allows rehabilitation planning based on visual sewer inspections.

Find out more in our multi-page brochure with all the details of the comprehensive program functions.
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Comprehensive software applications for ALL infrastructure objects

BaSYS offers network planners, service providers and network operators comprehensive tools for managing the complete life cycle of supply and disposal Networks.

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NEW: GeoDS - GeoObjects Design Studio. Modeling and efficient design of individual information systems for geo infrastructure.


The BARTHAUER BaSYS multi-platform concept

  • What is the multi-platform concept and how can I benefit from it?
  • How can I use CAD and GIS in a common interface?
  • How can different specialised applications are used in parallel?

These and other questions about the background, operation and advantages of the unique BARTHAUER multi-platform concept are answered into the following video. Find out now how you can significantly reduce your training and investment expenses and use your tools flexible.

BARTHAUER BaSYS simply explained!

Page of the BARTHAUER BaSYS information brochure
Page of the BARTHAUER BaSYS information brochure

The new BARTHAUER BaSYS information brochure gives a quick overview about the range of the network information system BaSYS.

Due to its wide variety of uses, its modularity and its unique multi-platform approach we call BaSYS as "Advanced Network Information System" - the best tool for intergenerational and secure management of your valuable data.

Use BaSYS e.g. for capturing, collecting, designing, managing, maintaining, calculating, operating, rehabilitating and and and...

Convince yourself and start reading the BARTHAUER BaSYS information brochure...