BaSYS - HydroCAD

View of the time variation curve after succesful calculation
View of the hydraulic results of the reach

BaSYS HydroCAD is the fully GIS-integrated hydrodynamic sewer network calculation program with an implicit algorithm based on the full Saint-Venant differential equations. Due to the implicit algorithm, the results are stable and the volume error is small. BaSYS HydroCAD calculates and administers the results of various calculation scenarios and allows them to be visualised with content plans in BaSYS Plan and animated in a dynamic longitudinal section.
New features include continuous long-term simulations and waste volume calculations that share the same database. The “rain tool” can be used to read and convert multi-year precipitation records; relevant precipitation events can also be filtered out. The same database is used to calculate maintenance-related characteristics. Once the calculations are complete, the results are available for GIS evaluation directly from the database with no extra processing.