BaSYS - the advanced Network Information System - Breve introducción


22.05.2012 Español: BaSYS - Software innovador para redes de suministro y recogida a prueba de futuro.

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18.11.2008 BaSYS 8 the server-based, modular Geo Information System (GIS), specialized in creating, administrating and updating network catasters.


19.11.2008 BaSYS Plan, planning in GIS with the storage of attributes and layouts in the BaSYS data base.


19.11.2008 BaSYS Plan Wastewater, the data base supported GIS system for the collection, planning and visual administration of sewer networks and sewer network data.


19.11.2008 BaSYS sewer network cataster KanDATA is compatible with common standards and administers basic, condition and hydraulic data of any sewer network.


20.11.2008 BaSYS Material provides manhole and pipe component libraries pipe line networks. For sewer networks a configuration assistant automatically determines the optimal structure of the manhole for standard manholes and pipes elements for pipe line allocation.


19.11.2008 Visualizing and editing the height distribution of network elements with BaSYS Longitudinal Design Section.


19.11.2008 BaSYS LiLa generates pipe line longitudinal sections in freely definable display formats.


18.11.2008 BaSYS Pipe Line Diagram generates a schematic layout of the pipe line with position information for the location of connections, damages or actions.


18.11.2008 BaSYS Pisa covers all areas of condition evaluation and rehabilitation planning of sewer networks.


18.11.2008 BaSYS TVCD Player allows the control of digital TV inspections videos.


18.11.2008 BaSYS HydroCAD proves the hydraulic efficiency of sewer systems on basis of the implicit Hydrograph-Volume-Method (HVM).


19.11.2008 KanZEIT, based on time coefficient method, dimensions sewer networks automatically.


20.11.2008 The BaSYS Spectator is the interdisciplinary, HTML based information tool for contents of the BaSYS data base.