Construction kit for individual information systems

GeoDS – Construction kit for individual information Systems.

With GeoDS, the Geoobjects Design Studio, BARTHAUER is bringing a novel solution package to market for the efficient implementation of individual information systems and GIS modules. Great emphasis was placed on integrating the BARTHAUER multi-platform concept, which is unique in the world, during the development of GeoDS. This ensures that the objects and modules created with GeoDS are universally usable with all conventional NIS, GIS and CAD systems regardless of the platform.

BARTHAUER multi-platform concept
Once GeoDS applications have been created, that means they can be used in numerous different combinations of database management systems and GIS/CAD platforms (including ArcGIS, AutoCADMap, Geomedia and Microstation). This feature clearly sets GeoDS apart from other products on the market, allowing users to optimise costs while maximising flexibility with the freedom to choose a suitable NIS, GIS or CAD system to solve their tasks.

Versatile use of GeoDS
GeoDS is versatile in application. For example, GeoDS can be used for the development of municipal cadastres, such as road, water or small sewage treatment plants. Other possible fields of application include the development of cadastres and maintenance plans for green spaces, mobile radio towers, wastepaper bins, photovoltaic and solar-thermal plants, street lighting, street inlets, automobile charging stations and wind power plants. Whether the underlying cadastral maps come from the landscape sector or building management does not play a role here. This means that GeoDS also supports the possibility of creating facility management solutions. Even extensive management systems such as pavement management systems (PMS) or pipeline integrity management systems (PIMS) can be created with GeoDS.

Great Features:

  • Creation of information systems for the management of municipal inventory or objects
  • Supplements information systems from any manufacturer with custom application modules
  • Assignment of object-based workflows and events
  • GeoDS applications can be used as desktop, mobile or web application
  • Integration into all major GIS and CAD systems possible
  • No programming skills required

Read the GeoDS PDF brochure (see below) to learn all the details about the comprehensive functions.

GeoDS - presented in words and pictures

PDF brochure


GeoDS – Geoobjects Design Studio. Construction kit for individual information Systems (PDF, approx. 2,8MB).