Barthauer Software GmbH Mission Statement

Employees and management of the Barthauer Software GmbH are committed to create the best and most comprehensive pipeline network information system in the world. We do this with competence, innovation and commitment. On the way to this goal we are supported by internal guidelines, which define the limits as well as the direction of our actions.

Our main focus is on the water and wastewater sector, because pure water means life and we would like to make our contribution so that in the future many more people are supplied with clean drinking water and have access to basic sanitary services.

In order to achieve this goal we use all the engineering and software know-how we can get, whether from our employees, customers, or suppliers. We regard employees, customers and suppliers as partners in the sense of fair dealing and a balance of give and take.

We know the value of our customers' data and deal responsibly with this information. We efficiently migrate data. Our data structures are open and can be easily viewed.

We implement and improve available data standards and set new standards where there are none. Here we also cooperate with competitors, if a common goal can be recognized.

We constantly inform ourselves about new standard software technologies and implement these as soon as we recognise a benefit for our customers. Our goal here is to make complex technologies as simple as possible to handle.

We look for employees who support our philosophy and actively help us to shape it. Curiosity and the thirst for knowledge on one hand and willingness for transparency and responsibility on the other hand together with personal commitment and mutual respect for one another provide the framework for a cooperative and goal-oriented collaboration.

We come closer to our mission by clear, continuous company growth based on profitability well above the market average. For this a sustained profit orientation and continuous economic optimization as well as an expansion into foreign markets is required.

We regularly document and improve our business processes and adjust these to the size of our company. We document our results and thereby provide the sound basis for an increase in personnel when needed.

The benchmark for the quality of our work is the enthusiasm our customers have for our products. Therefore we work with commitment in all areas of the company, not only with engagement and innovation but with self initiative. Careful and forward-looking work helps avoid possible sources of error. To support this goal we prepare rules that guarantee the quality of our work and give us a claim on freedom from errors.