BARTHAUER supports the new ISYBAU exchange format XML 2013

BARTHAUER is the first software house to implement the new ISYBAU exchange format and expands PIETS and the BaSYS network information system to support the new format.With PIETS online, BARTHAUER offers a free trial option for ISYBAU files, which already incorporates the new ISYBAU 2013 XML exchange format.  

The new ISYBAU XML 2013 exchange format is the logical update of the ISYBAU XML 2006 format. Input and suggestions based on practical experience were collected and technical requirements implemented. Additions and enhancements, such as an optimised structure for the exchange of results of leak tests, are underscored by a focus on detail. It is now also possible to exchange information via coordinate reference systems (CRS). This way ISYBAU data can now also be integrated in existing databases without any further transformation.

The ISYBAU exchange formats allow the standardised, data processing-oriented, uniform and consistent exchange of all wastewater-related data that, for example, are needed for construction and planning, but also to operate the systems. The ISYBAU exchange formats were originally designed for the exchange of data in properties belonging to the Federal Government. The term ISYBAU is derived from the German equivalent for ’integrated data processing system for civil engineering’ (Integriertes DV-System-Bauwesen).

The concept has, however, proven itself in practice and has therefore become widely accepted among industry professionals as standard. For this reason, the ISYBAU formats are consistently developed further, expanded and enhanced with additional data structures.

The update involved only additions in a number of data fields, so that the structure or existing content was not modified, and nothing was deleted. This approach ensures downward compatibility.

Barthauer Software has been involved in the development of the ISYBAU data exchange format for more than 15 years and is the first software house to integrate the format in its products. As the only supplier in the market, BARTHAUER has supported the processing and administration of really all versions of the ISYBAU formats ever since, even merged in a project. From Version 8.3 Service Pack 3, the BaSYS network information system also includes ISYBAU XML 2013. Independent of this and as an alternative, data in this format can be checked for schema compliance, edited and imported with adapted ISYBAU interfaces in BaSYS or exported from BASYS with PIETS, the ‘Professional ISYBAU Editing and Transformation Studio’.

Users, who want to test their data online quickly, can use the free tool Opens external link in new windowPIETS Online. When exporting ISYBAU XML data from BaSYS, the user can select the format version to be exported via an option in the export wizard. This guarantees the usual BARTHAUER multi-platform flexibility in its application, especially for engineering firms who deal with several clients.

Additional information:

The updated version is the format version February 2013 (2013-02). A description of the additions and adaptations is published on the website of the Opens external link in new windowControl Centre for Federal Wastewater Technology (OFD Niedersachsen).[1]