The simple solution for recording the separate wastewater fee

Municipalities charge property owners fees for wastewater disposal. The separate wastewater fee ensures that the levies for the disposal of precipitation water are paid fairly by the respective originator. With the application BaSYS GAG, land parcels and sealed areas can be recorded in all common GIS and CAD systems and assigned to an owner or administrator. The calculation of amounts is automated based on the stored fee schedule. BaSYS GAG generates payment notices, form letters and statistical evaluation reports at the push of a button.

At a glance

The specialised application BaSYS GAG provides all administrative functions relevant for processing the separate wastewater fee. In addition to administering the sealed areas and schedules, functions are provided for correspondence and data collection.

  • Setup and administration of assessment objects and sealed areas
  • Billing matrices for relevant areas
  • Configurable statistics, reports and plans
  • Recording of areas as graphic objects or at the object data level
  • Definable billing matrices for changed boundary conditions (e.g. change of drainage factors for roof areas or reduction for cisterns)
  • Address and correspondence administration, preparation of form letters and dunning support
  • Use of existing GIS or CAD systems

Calculation of separate wastewater fees according to the current applicable model fee schedule


You determine the wastewater fees with system support according to the current applicable model fee schedule. The specialised application uses administrative objects generated automatically from real estate data. All data required to calculate the wastewater fee are linked to the administrative object (owner, authorised representative, sealed areas etc.). By the way, administrative objects can be used jointly by various specialised applications. This saves time and money.

You decide on the level of detail for modelling. BaSYS GAG uses the current applicable model fee schedule. All parameters can be adapted to changed boundary conditions at any time. When a value is changed, the calculation is updated automatically. The cistern reduction, the area relevant for fees and the fees charged are calculated. The calculation is based on the stored fee schedule and can also be modified by the user.



Sealed areas setup

The sealed areas required for the calculation of the wastewater fee can be recorded graphically in BaSYS and assigned to an administrative object in the specialised application BaSYS GAG.


Reports and form letters can be generated and administered in BaSYS GAG. Also with a site plan if desired. The templates for reports and form letters are created with the BaSYS Configuration Explorer and accessed directly by the specialised application BaSYS GAG. Comments can also be recorded and administered directly for the assessment objects and the separate wastewater fee.

Powerful overall concept

The comprehensive concept with powerful GIS technology and central data management supports effective processing with future viability. Easy access to all information stored in the system and task-specific functions required to determine the separate wastewater fee make this application a powerful tool. Combine the information required for processing from a variety of sources and let our software solution BaSYS GAG support you in your work.

A strong partnership

The BaSYS GAG application was developed in cooperation with our partner bluemetric Software GmbH from Griesheim. A pillar of our corporate philosophy is the exchange and bundling of competences in order to be able to offer our customers the best IT solutions together. Read more...

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