One for all: Engineering office uses BaSYS for various clients

The DAHLEM consulting engineers use BaSYS flexibly and with dynamic effect: The engineers use the network information system for tasks in municipal owner-operated companies and sewage plants of different sizes and with diverse requirements. BaSYS enables them to meet all customer requirements, because the system’s scalable design allows them to securely and reliably map all tasks from smaller contracts to large projects.

DAHLEM Beratende Ingenieure GmbH & Co. Wasserwirtschaft KG

• Condition monitoring
• Condition assessment
• Rehabilitation design


• April 2011

DAHLEM Consulting Engineers
DAHLEM Consulting Engineers is an independent, nationally and internationally operating engineering, planning and consulting company for all areas of wastewater treatment, water management and energy technology.

The main objective was the processing of contracts for the Hessian Construction Management Agency
The initial main objective for the use of BaSYS was the processing of contracts for the Hessian Construction Management Agency of the State of Hesse. Crucial to the investment decision was that BaSYS supports the required ISYSBAU-compliant data storage. So BaSYS was acquired to replace the Geograt network information system. “Our clients make specific demands on data storage and interfaces, and with BaSYS we can simply cover a broader range of required services,” says Project Engineer M. Eng. Angela Födisch.

Application was extended to additional clients
The good experience with the product and its high interoperability then motivated its use for other clients. “BaSYS has a logical and understandable structure, and this also makes it more accessible than its predecessor,” says Födisch. Hence, acceptance among users is also correspondingly high. BaSYS is used at several workstations in the waste management department. The emphasis is on sewer condition recording and classification as well as rehabilitation design. According to DAHLEM, productivity in this sector has increased significantly with the use of BaSYS.

BaSYS is adapted to the individual needs of the engineers
BaSYS could be quickly put to productive use even in its implementing stage: The migration, which was carried out by the IT department, lasted just more than two weeks, the subsequent test operation ran for one month. In this phase, the BARTHAUER Consulting department supported the DAHLEM team and adapted BaSYS to the individual needs of the engineers. Self-defined data fields were entered as part of the migration. “This makes ‘our BaSYS’ even easier and faster to use!” is the satisfied conclusion of Ms. Födisch.

“The use of BaSYS enables us to securely and reliably provide and process the sewer data of various clients and noticeably increase productivity in the field of rehabilitation.” M. Eng. Angela Födisch