Rodent control with BaSYS Regie

It is estimated that there are up to 350 million rats in Germany, which is about four rats per inhabitant. And in mild winters they multiply exponentially. German accident prevention regulations oblige operators of wastewater treatment plants to control the occurrence of rats.

• All Service Gebäudedienste GmbH
• Area of operations North Rhine-Westphalia

• Concept preparation for pest control and prevention

• BaSYS Regie Mobil

Project start
• August 2014

Professional rodent control comprises the following measures:

  • Determining the infestation and the location of the infestation
  • Deciding whether, where and with which product to combat the infestation
  • Implementation of control measures
  • Measurement of results and further action
  • Documentation

These measures must be coordinated and managed. Is it really useful to digitise this routine work? This practical example from KISTERS shows how workflows can not only be controlled by operational management software, but also be simplified.

As a partner of Barthauer Software GmbH, KISTERS distributes and configures the BARTHAUER software for utilities and sewer network operators. The main products of Barthauer Software are the database-supported network information system BaSYS and GeoDS, the GeoObjects Design Studio – the toolbox for individual information systems. As a tool for comprehensive network management, the BaSYS offering includes solutions for the operational management and maintenance of facilities with integrated mobile workforce management.

Sewer cleaning and pest control with the BaSYS Regie operational management software
A classic topic among sewer network operators is the recurring cycle of cleaning sewer systems. For this purpose, KISTERS implemented the BaSYS Regie operational management software by BARTHAUER at a municipal sewer network operator in North Rhine-Westphalia. BaSYS Regie manages all the workflows that are necessary for the specified compulsory maintenance of sewer networks (self-monitoring regulation). It enables the administration of all facilities to be serviced, the maintenance procedure libraries, contracts, maintenance planning and the evaluations and reports. BaSYS Regie Mobil extends the use of BaSYS Regie to mobile devices.

Sewer cleaning and the associated pest control are part of the maintenance regime. For this, the municipal sewer network operator commissioned a private pest control company. A prerequisite of awarding the contract was that the company uses BaSYS Regie Mobil to document the work. The reason for this condition is that the use of BaSYS Regie in the offices of the sewer network operator and BaSYS Regie Mobil by the pest control company on site allows the smooth transfer and analysis of the data before and after inspection of the manhole. In addition, the manhole work by the private company can be accurately documented. This creates transparency and security, also for final invoicing.

Configuration and operation
To comply with the provisions of the contract, KISTERS configured the required measures as described in the service specifications for pest control in the BaSYS Regie Mobil application. This way KISTERS integrated the “pest control” work template in the library for work templates in the section for manhole work. This work template allowed the individual manhole work steps and pest control measures to be easily documented.

Pest control was carried out directly at the manhole by the employees of the private company. Two employees regularly checked on the individual manholes, opened them and decided on the spot what action should be taken. The results of the inspected manholes were then imported into BaSYS Regie via an interface, where they are ready for evaluation. Simultaneously, the procedures were defined in BaSYS Regie Mobil in such a way that the mobile team gets its own results from the first inspection independently on display. With the support of the program, the team is thus able to independently do a targeted follow-up inspection and to document it. The work templates can be customised to meet the requirements of the customer.

Conclusion and benefits
From practical experience, this example shows that the digitisation of routine work is definitely quite useful. For this local network operator, KISTERS implemented the BaSYS Regie Mobil operational management software from BARTHAUER. The use of BaSYS Regie and its mobile connectivity added significant value to the operations of the operator.

  • BaSYS Regie Mobil supports the work of the field service staff on site and at the same time provides results ideal for evaluation to the office.
  • Various departments access the sewer data and use it for different processes. Through this multidimensional use of the sewer data, workflows are optimised and executed in a time saving manner. This also facilitates the awarding of contracts to external companies.
  • The detailed documentation of the operating steps right there on site creates transparency and security, also for final invoicing.
  • The corresponding sewer data are also updated continuously as part of the regular maintenance work on the manhole. Through the use of BaSYS Regie Mobil, the updated data are automatically imported into the database via an interface.