Integrated self-verification in sewer maintenance

The two leading systems in sewer data (BaSYS) and measuring data management (WISKI) now work as a team: generate operating data and time series graphics directly from the BaSYS site plan just as easily as the sewer segment graphics. Detailed geometry data for the situation at the measuring point are generated directly from WISKI. You only have to define the structures and measuring locations once; the two systems synchronise the source data with each other. Linked documents can be used jointly in both systems. Linking operating states from mobile data collection is also possible with both systems.

All accustomed advantages of both solutions are maintained in full


  • Sophisticated geometry representation in all leading graphics programs
  • Functionally complete data model


  • Proven data validation
  • Highly flexible time series graphic for a better overview and understanding
  • Templates for common structure configurations: SOT, SST, RSF...


  • Exchange of source data for special structures
  • Predefined templates for common structure types (SOT, SST, pumping station...) for easier system setup
  • Quality management through automatic data verification and validation
  • Ultra-flexible time series graphics for fast analysis of operating states
  • Ready-to-use templates for operating reports according to SüwVO Abw/EKVO

Structured quality management

A QM system for the qualification of measuring data is integrated into the solution. It supports proper evaluation without the deletion of original data. The recommendations of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia are fully implemented.

Many years of experience in measuring data management

Comparable to the status of BaSYS in the network information system sector, WISKI has been the measuring data management standard for more than 25 years. Perfected algorithms and proven methods combined with flexibility in choosing the database management system make your investment future-proof.


No matter where you get your measuring data – from a control system, (temporarily) stored in the cloud of your measuring device manufacturer or from data access organised in-house combined with regular manual measurements – WISKI integrates the various data sources into a consistent information system.