BaSYS – The infrastructure management system

Bundling resources, improving efficiency and minimising costs? With BaSYS, the integrative and scalable infrastructure management system, you lay the foundation for the joint administration of your infrastructure networks and objects. An integrated database structure serves as the basis. As an extended asset management solution, the system models the entire network and object administration workflow, and supports you in all required process steps: from planning and recording existing networks, objects and technical data, to their technical review, plausibility checks and evaluation, to dynamic network calculation, construction and construction supervision, to optimisation, inspection and rehabilitation. BaSYS also offers solutions for operation management and system maintenance as well as asset and property valuation.

Planning and stocktaking

Graphical planning and recording of infrastructure systems through intelligent integration into leading GIS/CAD/DBM systems. Integrated technical functions such as network planning with layout/longitudinal section in parallel, catchment area planning for all hydraulic connections, network tracing, auto-access to survey stations and DGM, accurate model-based theme plans and intuitive object layout design methods.

Cadastre and maintenance

Comprehensive functions for practical data collection, processing, and the maintenance and analysis of inventory data as well as the rehabilitation portfolio. Documentation of indirect dischargers in compliance with directives, preparation of overview and as-built drawings.

Condition recording and classification

Review, import and evaluation of inspection results, for example from TV inspections (wastewater), pipeline pig sensors (supply) or stereo image inspections (street). Automated condition classification and preparation of damage and condition classification plans. History administration and parallel administration of data using different code-decode systems.

Strategies for rehabilitation and renovation

Configurable logic for the automated planning of different versions (repair, renovation, replacement) based on the relevant inspection. Automated costing via the cost estimate (replacement) and a freely definable library of the available measures. Preferred versions via object-specific economic efficiency comparison (cost comparison calculation) and strategic asset management. Standardised graphics, reports and theme plans.

Information: desktop, mobile and Internet

BaSYS GeoInfoDESK is a comprehensive information solution for desktop devices. BaSYS web services support the delivery of network information from BaSYS databases via WebMap Server. Mobile network information and data collection using GPS and RFID object recognition.

Master plan and general drainage planning

Hydraulic supply network calculation (STANET/EPANET), sewer network dimensioning (KanZEIT) and hydrodynamic sewer network simulation (MIKE1D) with direct access to the inventory database – no standby system. Use for the master plan (also fire water extraction) of the supply and sewer networks with a variety of actual and planning states, and for the general drainage planning of urban and rural sewer networks.

Asset management for infrastructure objects

Asset valuation with legal certainty for fiscal accounting and double-entry bookkeeping, basis for the determination of fees. Detailed costing. Link between technical data and asset accounting (SAP, DATEV or MS Dynamics). Costing according to quantity and index methods via contract section administration.

Operational and maintenance management

Administration and documentation of the systems to be maintained, including the associated tasks with integrated maintenance and work planning based on libraries for the maintenance processes. Consideration of recurring and demand-based measures as well as route and resource planning. Order-specific evaluation and documentation of the completed work.

BARTHAUER multi-platform concept

Support for leading GIS and CAD systems as well as WebMap Server. Unique the world over, the BARTHAUER multi-platform concept makes it possible to choose the most suitable graphical interface for the respective tasks and the right database management system for central data storage under a uniform user interface.

Video: Sewer and network design with BaSYS