Keep yourself agile: The future is mobile.

Navigate, select and edit: it does not get anyeasier. BaSYS MOBILE helps you document the results of maintenance or rehabilitation tasks for infrastructure objects efficiently and effectively. The orders are transferred to mobile devices for use on site. All maintenance and rehabilitation process steps can be recorded and processed further here for all objects. The current status can be recorded, from complete portfolio and condition documentation to operation management to completed rehabilitation measures. Straightforward synchronisation with the office workstation ensures a consistent flow of data.


  • Optimised for mobile devices
  • Intuitive operation
  • Navigation directly to the deployment location
  • Object locating and identification with GPS and RFID technology
  • Geographic base data in the background
  • Add and edit objects in the plan
  • Overview of process steps to be completed
  • Various filtering options, for example by location, designation or job status
  • Linking of photos
  • Storage of the current position on closing the software

Operating sequence

Orders are created and transferred to BaSYS MOBILE for pending maintenance tasks, the recording of master or condition data, and rehabilitation documentation. With the digital plan and GPS navigation, you always have an overview of your current position and the location of the objects. Intuitive navigation lets you search and select objects by type, designation or job status. You document the results on the respective object according to the order.

  • Improve the quality of your inventory data:
    Add and update information about individual objects. If an object is missing, it can be recorded graphically directly in BaSYS MOBILE.
  • Transparency through mobile condition recording:
    Detailed schematic description and classification of damage, documentation and direct assignment of photos.
  • Save time in operation management:
    Thanks to digital documentation of the results for recurring maintenance tasks. Quickly and easily record the resources used, such as working time, material and vehicles.
  • Complete rehabilitation documentation:
    Confirm or discard individual measures and record their details. Add alternative rehabilitation tasks from the supplied catalogue of measures.


BaSYS MOBILE works with BaSYS REGIE (operation and maintenance management) at your office workstation. The recorded information is transferred to the database with a wizard. The data import is automatically logged.

Field of application

BaSYS MOBILE lets you record quickly and accurately. It supports inventory data recording and full documentation of completed maintenance and rehabilitation tasks as well as inspected damage for operators, service providers and rehabilitation firms. You always maintain an overview of the progress of work and the condition of your infrastructure objects.