Wastewater module

Our database-database-driven solutions reflect the entire life cycle of a sewer network. This encompasses data collection or planning, calculation or classification, administration and updating, including the valuation and operational management of sewer networks.

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Sewer network cadastre

Our solution for the professional administration of existing sewer networks includes comprehensive functions for practical data collection and the preparation, updating and analysis of existing wastewater and rehabilitation portfolio data.

  • Conformity with the DWA, ISYBAU and sewage directives standards
  • Realistic representation of the wastewater object geometries, such as polygonal sewer segment and pipe runs
  • Interactive graphical design and editing based on the leading GIS and CAD systems on the market
  • Straightforward, intuitive handling for data filtering and selection in the object data forms

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Sewer condition

In addition to the professional administration of TV inspection results, this BaSYS solution supports the administration, review, correction and classification of data from a visual inspection. Using the sewer condition field requires the sewer network cadastre field.

  • Administration of the inspection results history
  • Parallel administration of data in different code-decode systems (EN 13508-2, DWA M143-2)
  • Structural engineering condition assessment according to DWA (M 149 and M 149-3) and ISYBAU (0196, 0601, 2006/2015)
  • Hydraulic condition assessment according to ISYBAU 0196 and 2006
  • Schematic inspection graphics with video control for precise damage identification for sewer segments, service pipes and manholes

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Sewer rehabilitation

The BaSYS sewer rehabilitation solution supports rehabilitation design based on a visual sewer inspection. Sewer rehabilitation requires the sewer network cadastre and sewer condition fields.

  • Calculation of various rehabilitation versions (repair, renovation, modernisation) based on the relevant inspection
  • Freely definable rehabilitation measures library
  • Integrated economic efficiency comparison down to the object level
  • Automatic assignment of rehabilitation measures to a visual sewer inspection
  • Schematic rehabilitation graphic

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Sewer planning

The BaSYS sewer planning solution enables the graphical and interactive, database-driven design, calculation or recording and documentation of sewer networks based on the supported CAD (AutoCAD, BricsCAD, Microstation) and GIS applications (ArcGIS, Geomedia, QGis). The sewer network cadastre field is required for sewer planning.

  • Interactive graphical site planning of manholes, structures, sewer segments, troughs, channels and service connection pipes
  • Interactive graphical elevation planning in a temporary longitudinal section
  • Design and definition of catchment areas
  • Hydraulic pipeline network calculation (time coefficient procedure)
  • Bill of quantities and cost determination

Sewer hydraulics

Hydraulics for rural and urban sewer networks directly from the source database without any network simplification. This includes sewer network dimensioning as a tool for general drainage or master planning and hydrodynamic sewer network simulation to verify the hydraulic functionality of existing sewer objects.

  • Sewer network dimensioning for general drainage/master planning
  • Backup/flooding verification for existing sewer networks/rehabilitation
  • Hydraulic condition assessment for the sewer rehabilitation concept

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Indirect discharger cadastre

In addition to the administration of all managed operations, the indirect discharger cadastre solution supports the efficient, systematic management and monitoring of the respective wastewater from industrial and commercial operations. This field does not require any other field.

  • Includes administration of all relevant operation unit data and complete material layer library according to the Wastewater Ordinance (AbwV)
  • Integrated cartographic and alphanumeric visualisation of operations, operating areas and/or operating units
  • Automatic assignment of the material layers, for example via source areas according to the Wastewater Ordinance (AbwV)
  • Wizard for sample and analysis management
  • Integration of the pipe cadastre with graphical material search
  • Preparation of resubmissions with connection to MS Outlook (tasks, deadlines)

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Standard sewer data interfaces

You can import or export a variety of data formats and use various data interfaces with BARTHAUER software. You can import ASCII files, export XML files and also check your data with PIETS, the professional test and editing studio for data in the ISYBAU XML or DWA-M 150 data exchange format. You can prepare and administer individual import definitions or transfer the data structure from ASCII files.

Sewer information

Operational sewer management

Our operational management solution is a job management system for publicly owned organisations that operate and maintain sewer networks. All legally prescribed sewer network maintenance tasks according to the state self-monitoring regulations can be conveniently organised and documented.

  • Administration and documentation of facilities in the sewer and distribution networks that require maintenance, including the related tasks
  • Analysis of operational weaknesses in the sewer network
  • Integrated operational and maintenance planning
  • Freely definable libraries of the maintenance procedures along with analyses, reports and contracts
  • Maintenance planning supports recurring and demand-driven measures
  • Connection to mobile solution

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Sewer asset management

The asset management solution for the wastewater sector supports the detailed calculation and administration of public sewer object and plant and equipment assets. It is the ideal software solution for the classification of municipal infrastructure assets in compliance with the new requirements for municipal budgeting and accounting (NKF, NKR, NKRS, NKRT), simultaneously meeting the requirements of double-entry bookkeeping.

  • Automated generation and reconciliation of facilities from existing sewer source data (for instance from the network information system BaSYS)
  • Asset valuation for fiscal accounting and double-entry bookkeeping with legal certainty
  • Link between technical data and asset accounting (SAP, DATEV or MS Dynamics)
  • Cost determination according to quantity and index methods through contract section administration
  • Asset carry-forward under consideration of changes to the period of use and changes in value

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