Certified: our external trainers

The BATHAUER expert team at our respective locations obtains additional support from certified trainers to provide training nationally and also in Austria. In addition to their didactic abilities, they have many years of practical experience in the use of our products.

Our trainers for Germany

Daniela Graf
GAUSS Engineering GmbH

Dipl.-Geogr. Rainer Kurz
senngis GIS- & IT-Service

Dr. Karl-Heinz Röder
GAUSS Engineering GmbH

Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Heide
HSN Hardware & Software House Neubrandenburg

Dr. Andreas Meyer
Geoventis GmbH

Dipl.-Ing. Marc Hoffmann
Kisters AG

Anna-Maria Neumer
Geoventis GmbH

Our trainers for Austria

DI Martin Leonhardsberger
EDV-Beratung und Dienstleistung

Martin Waldl
DDL – Datendienstleistungen
“Certified Barthauer Competence Partner”