Owner operated wastewater disposal, city of Northeim

“In my opinion, just the fact that since the introduction of the Barthauer BaSYS software there can be talk of an organised structure and the existence of a rapidly usable central database at all speaks for the software. With BaSYS we have plenty of creative scope to implement our ideas and to manage our daily operations. We can also determine the scope and the complexity of our sewer database ourselves at any time with BaSYS.” Stefan Meyer

Singer Ingenieur Consult GmbH, Kulmbach

“We have been using BaSYS for a long time. We use it because it is state of the art, easy to use, the work results are good and it is always adapted to current standards.” Ernst Schäfer

State building department at the ABD Nordbayern

“We use BaSYS because we need to implement location-specific wastewater concepts according to the sewage directives for federal and state properties. Using BaSYS has not only simplified but also sped up numerous operational procedures. It saves us time and reduces costs. BaSYS is also a secure investment and makes us fit for the future.” Bernhard Kneuer

Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe AG, Austria

“Why did we opt for BaSYS? BARTHAUER’s decades of experience in the wastewater sector and its sophisticated concept, from the planning phase through to rehabilitation documentation, convinced us and we have not been disappointed. With BaSYS, we can map out procedures and document objects in a way that would have been impossible with other systems.” Walter Neubacher

Reinhaltungsverband Mondsee-Irrsee, Mondsee, Austria

“For us, the BaSYS software is our most important everyday tool: It replaces all previously used software products and all of the maintenance and rehabilitation paperwork. We use it to administer seven municipalities and the collective sewers – currently about 260 km of sewers with 9000 manholes. All maintenance tasks are recorded, TV inspections are imported and rehabilitation work is entered!” Wolfgang Huber