This is what we stand for!

We represent the concept of creating the best and most comprehensive infrastructure information system solutions in the world with expertise, innovation and passion.

Sustainability & environment 

We focus on the water and waste water segments, since clean water means life and we are making our contribution towards ensuring that many more people are supplied with clean drinking water and have access to basic sanitation services in the future.
The continuous and above-average growth of our company helps us come closer to achieving our mission. This requires a consistent profit orientation, continuous efficiency optimisation and the development of new international markets.

Expertise & innovation 

In order to reach our goals, we employ all of the engineering and software technology know-how at our disposal – whether it comes from our employees, clients or partners. We implement and improve existing data standards, and create new ones where they are lacking. Insofar as shared objectives can be identified, we also work with competitors in this regard.
We are always informing ourselves about new software technologies, employing them as soon as we consider this advantageous for our clients. Our goal is to use innovative technologies in order to provide powerful solutions that are straightforward to use and offer the highest possible level of security.

Quality & standards 

We regularly document and improve our business processes and work results. Our response to market changes and customer requirements is flexible and timely. This establishes an essential foundation for our growth.
We measure the quality of our work by the enthusiasm of our clients. Our work is pursued with dedication, personal initiative and diligence in all areas of the company. We develop standards that ensure the quality of our work with foresight.

Transparency & reliability 

We ensure transparency by providing our clients and employees with all required information in a suitable form. In cross-departmental cooperation with all participants, we strive to consistently meet the established objectives and deadlines. Our tasks and activities are documented and communicated in a clear and comprehensible manner.
Since we are aware of the value of our client data and handle it responsibly, our data structures are openly visible.

Employees & creativity 

All of our employees support our fundamental ideas and help shape them actively, creatively and with a sense of responsibility. Personal commitment, mutual respect, a thirst for knowledge and continuing education form the basis for cooperative and goal-oriented partnerships.


We view employees, clients and suppliers as partners in the sense of fairness and the balance between give and take.