Infrastructure analysis: Knowing today what to expect tomorrow

Who can tell you what your network will look like in thirty years? What actions do you have to take today in order to maintain reliable operation over the long term? What are the reasons for your decisions? Your perspectives depend on financial and substantial aspects. The effects of your decisions cannot be predicted without a comprehensive analysis and simulation. BaSYS ISA is the tool of choice to provide a substantiated basis for the best decisions. The combination of strategic factors and operational measures permits the available budget to be used as effectively as possible.


  • Infrastructure analysis of current investment and maintenance planning
  • Examination of the current budget’s long-term effect
  • Execution of a condition analysis for components (in the event of a first execution or if values are missing)
  • Preparation of a prioritised list of measures to derive concrete measures and to purposefully improve the condition analysis
  • Starting point for individually addressing additional strategic issues


BaSYS has an integrated interface to entellgenio’s existing strategic asset simulation that is successfully in widespread use in Germany and in Europe.

Certified according to IDW PS 951

With limited effort in terms of time and personnel, an individually adapted model is created within a few weeks based on the standard simulation model from entellgenio. Based on the operational supply line data from BaSYS), entellgenio validates the long-term development of a network budget, risk and quality according to IDW PS 951 (Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer) and derives possible alternatives actions for the infrastructure.

Joint service

BARTHAUER and entellgenio jointly provide a service that combines the strengths of both companies: detailed, structured infrastructure data along with the certified analysis of long-term infrastructure development according to IDW PS 951 based on budget, quality, risk and facilities. The service is offered for a variety of sectors and is thus immediately available and can be implemented while keeping costs under control.

Established methods

The simulation model developed by entellgenio for ‘objective’ analysis of long-lasting infrastructures is based on the established methods of ‘system dynamics’, a method for integrated analysis and (model) simulation of complex and dynamic systems as well as their evolving optimisation. This approach allows small and medium-sized infrastructure companies to also benefit from the advantages of a strategic asset management.

Convergence of execution and strategy

BaSYS ISA: Convergence of execution and strategy
Graphic: Barthauer Software GmbH

Benefits and advantages

  • Fast results without additional resources
  • Substantiated argumentation, mapping of long-term development and support for decisions
  • Significance for the long-term development of infrastructure and a basis for more efficient use of the budget or to address strategic issues
  • No implementation risks or complicated interfaces because it is already integrated in BaSYS