BaSYS Regie – operational and maintenance management

BaSYS Regie manages all the workflows that are necessary for the specified compulsory maintenance of sewer networks (self-monitoring regulation). This module series is planned for all network sectors (sewer, water, gas etc.). The basic application encompasses the administration of all facilities to be maintained, the maintenance procedure libraries, contracts, maintenance planning and the evaluations and reports. An interface to the mobile unit and the corresponding configuration for BaSYS Mobil are included in the BaSYS Regie Mobil extension.

For larger distribution networks, the coordination of the planned inspection and repair work can be very time consuming. Since more and more distribution networks are digitally recorded, this information head start can also be used for maintenance tasks. Simply select the network element to be maintained (manhole, sewer segment, street inlet etc.) and the desired maintenance instruction. You define your maintenance tasks once with the corresponding required process steps, the time and resources that are needed and the possible implementation results (feedback codes). These tasks are assigned to the chosen network elements, and a maintenance period can be established for recurring tasks.

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The maintenance instructions listed above are saved and serve as the processing basis for order creation. To check for example whether the maintenance of sewer segments is due in the next month, simply enter the time period in question. A calendar view provides an overview of longer periods.

Selecting by locations and streets is also possible if desired. Grouping facilities into operating networks facilitates the organised planning of maintenance orders for cohesive network sections. An SQL data filter is available for making a detailed selection. Now an order is automatically generated for the selected network elements. It can include a routeing slip and layout plan in addition to the tasks being carried out. A graphics module (such as BaSYS Plan, BaSYS Visor or similar) is required for the layout plan.

Recording the feedback codes makes it possible to prepare detailed evaluations, both as proof for the work that has been completed (according to EKVO) and to optimise the internal processes. These are supplemented by user-defined statistics and reports. Freely definable schedules (with BaSYS Plan) support the representation of operational sequences in a spatial overview.

Order processing using mobile devices is made significantly more efficient through the full integration of the BARTHAUER Mobil product range. In addition to far-reaching support for on-site maintenance with navigation aids, interactive routeing slips, the connection of barcode scanners etc., the effort for subsequently transferring feedback into the system is eliminated entirely. You therefore have an overview of the status of maintenance work and the condition of your distribution networks that is current to the day.

Rodent control with operational management software

It is estimated that there are up to 350 million rats in Germany, which is about four rats per inhabitant. And in mild winters they multiply exponentially. German accident prevention regulations oblige operators of wastewater treatment plants to control the occurrence of rats.

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