Information solution

BaSYS Web allows you to bring the functionality and scalability of BaSYS desktop solutions seamlessly into the Intranet and Internet. The BaSYS Web services enable you to make your BaSYS pipe cadastre accessible to a large group of users with no client installation, both on PC and on mobile devices.

  • Portal solution for information and object data maintenance of your pipe data based on the familiar BaSYS technical applications
  • Fully automated configuration of data access and network representation for the most common mapping servers
  • Seamless integration into existing geoportal solutions through REST interfaces and JavaScript API
  • Extensive technical functionality such as longitudinal section, rehabilitation graphics and flow path tracing
  • Also available for individual information systems
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  • Access to network data using a standard browser without the installation of add-ons
  • Simplified data access for sporadic users and information stations
  • Familiar work environment: The web forms correspond 1:1 to the desktop application
  • Current database at all times through access to the spatial BaSYS geodata server
  • Manageable investment costs: Use of BaSYS Web independently of the given IT infrastructure

The BaSYS Web services integrate seamlessly with the portal solutions of the most common mapping servers (ESRI Arc-Server, Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server, MapGuide Open Source, QGIS Server etc.). Data access and network representation configuration are fully automated.

BaSYS Web is based fully on common web standards such as HTML5 and AJAX. A standard browser is used to access BaSYS Web. No add-ons have to be installed. This greatly simplifies data access, especially for sporadic applications such as information stations. Different IT environments no longer play a role for the information station. The investment costs for the required software licenses are manageable.

Card services access the spatial BaSYS geodata server directly. Benefit: All web applications display current data at all times. Changes are displayed on all workstations immediately regardless of whether they are made through web or desktop workstations.

The linked forms for navigation in table and hierarchical form familiar from the BARTHAUER desktop solution are found in BaSYS Web as web forms. Card services configuration is automated based on the representation models available for the BaSYS desktop applications. The appearance on the web corresponds 1:1 to the desktop application.

This applies for plan design as well as reporting. All forms and layouts created with the Barthauer Arena Designer can also be published on the web.

Extensive BaSYS technical functions are also available on the web, including network tracing, freely definable longitudinal sections and inspection and rehabilitation graphics with video control to view specific damage. The BaSYS Web service functionality is available for user-defined geoobjects and for the applications created with GeoDS. BaSYS Web is complemented by the standard map services of various providers such as Google Maps, Bing or ArcGIS online.

To date the following BaSYS Web services are available

  • BaSYS Web wastewater components (KanDATA, pipe and node graphics, longitudinal section, flow path tracing etc.)
  • BaSYS Web water components (AquaDATA, longitudinal section, flow path tracing etc.)
  • BaSYS Web gas components (GasDATA, longitudinal section, flow path tracing etc.)
  • BaSYS Web road components
  • BaSYS Web maintenance
  • BaSYS Web object data editing and graphics