The company was founded by Jürgen Barthauer in Braunschweig. He passed the BARTHAUER GROUP entirely into the hands of his long-standing business partner and co-creator Anis Saad on 31 July 2018. Saad is now responsible for the future of the group of companies with more than 50 employees.

The graduate information scientist first worked for BARTHAUER as a student trainee in September of 1991. He has been loyal to the company ever since. With his visionary and positive nature, he advanced the software and the business. From student trainee to full-time employee, his dedication soon earned him a promotion to head of research and development. Then Jürgen Barthauer made him co-manager in 2015. “As an information scientists, I rely on zeroes and ones. But as a person, I count on family solidarity. Although we may not be related, we at BARTHAUER are a family, and you do not let your family down,” emphasises Saad, father of two. “When Jürgen Barthauer offered me the company as his successor, I did not hesitate. It is a big responsibility, but I believe in our products and services, and especially in the potential of the employees.”


Dipl.-Inform. Anis Saad
Chief Executive Officer

Nina Betke
Authorised Officer · Executive Assistant · on parental leave
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